That's me finishing a SUP race

I'm a political economist and strategic analyst with broad international experience in digital transformation, electronic media, international banking, and foundation work, For the last twenty years or so I've been devoted to leveraging ICT to accelerate social, economic and political development. My current professional interests: promoting thought, communication, and action across three areas: sufficiency, sustainability, and innovation. See more about the S4S Network I coordinate at sufficiency4sustainability.org and for my professional curriculum see linkedin.com/in/petertknight/ and www.researchgate.net/profile/Peter_Knight6

I'm also a webmaster for this site, that of my wife, a late-budding actress (zaidabuarque.com.br), and my Dartmouth College class (1962.dartmouth.org).


These days I devote more time to photography (see also 500px.com/ptknight) and stand-up paddle (SUP) training, racing and some surfing. I've always been a paddler of canoes and kayaks, with some memorable trips and races, as well as a skier. This site highlights some of my photographs. 

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