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Black and white photos from a 1300 mile paddle in Wasso III  with my brother, Chris, from Skagway, Alaska, to Seattle, Washington in the summer of 1962, most of these photos were taken by me or Chris. Also included, a newspaper report of a record-breaking 218 mile non-stop race from Hanover, New Hampshire to Old Saybrook Point, Connecticut, on Long Island Sound with my partner John Fairbank. Twenty two canoes started, six finished. We won with a time of 33 hours and 50 minutes. This record has never been beaten. There are also a few photos of a sister kayak, Pimenta I paddle in Maine, and a few shots of white water kayaking. If you click on a photo to expand it you will find some links to webpages describing some of the locations. Color photos are more recent, taken in Maine, District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania.  

Wasso III Closeup.jpg
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